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The Importance Of Seeking Legal Representation For Truck Accident Injuries

There are two main reasons why truck accident cases are different from other motor vehicle accident cases and why getting experienced legal representation is vital.

1. License And Rule Requirements

Unlike passenger drivers, commercial truck drivers operating heavy vehicles are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. CMV drivers must comply with state and federal regulations that do not apply to other drivers. These regulations apply to everything from the number of hours they can drive to the maintenance of the truck.

Furthermore, interstate truck drivers must be equipped with an event data recorder. This often becomes a critical piece of evidence in truck accident cases.

2. Multiple Parties

There are often multiple parties involved in a truck accident case that could be at fault — a big reason why 18-wheeler accident cases are so complex.

The driver of the truck could be at fault, due to drug or alcohol abuse or driver fatigue. The trucking company, the truck manufacturer or the manufacturer of truck components, such as brakes or engine parts, could also be responsible.

A Legal Team With Expertise Handling Complex Truck Accident Cases

At Rosenblum & Reisman, our team of attorneys is fully equipped to handle complex truck accident injury cases.

Our law firm has lawyers who are leaders in these types of complex cases, ones who have recovered many millions of dollars for victims of negligence in Memphis and throughout the state of Tennessee.

We will thoroughly review your case and how to obtain the information from the event data recorder and other sources that are vital to building a successful case.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident, it is crucial that you select an attorney with experience with these cases specifically in order to maximize your recovery.

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