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Was Your Loved One Injured In A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facility?

The attorneys at Rosenblum & Reisman have successfully handled numerous claims against drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and doctors who hold themselves out as being competent to treat patients with addiction problems.

When a patient is admitted to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for treatment, that facility and the doctors and nurses there owe that patient a duty to provide appropriate care. When a patient is injured or dies while in the care of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, the patient and/or their family may have a viable claim against the facility or the doctors and nurses that were responsible. The same is true when a patient is treated by an addiction medicine physician on an outpatient basis.

Facilities Have A Responsibility To Their Patients

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities that hold themselves out as being competent to provide detoxification treatment for patients have a duty to do so in a safe way and to monitor their patients closely during the detoxification process.

If a patient suffers a brain injury or dies while in the care and custody of an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility, the patient and his or her family may be able to recover a significant amount of money for the injury or death caused by the facility.

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