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Helping Injured Pedestrians In Memphis Obtain The Compensation They Deserve

Common Types Of Auto-Related Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians every day are injured in a multitude of incidents involving motor vehicles. Below are three common ways pedestrian injuries in Memphis occur.

1. Crosswalks

In many cases, people walk through a crosswalk, with the signal, and get hit by a motor vehicle. This often happens because the negligent driver looked for cars, but failed to watch for foot traffic, before turning into a crosswalk. These are clear cases of negligence.

2. Parking Lots, Alleys Or Driveways

Pedestrian accidents can occur outside of crosswalks as well. Drivers may pull out of or into parking lots, alleys or driveways without looking to see if anyone is crossing on the sidewalk.

3. Entering And Exiting Vehicles

Accidents may also occur when a person is getting into or out of a car. Oncoming cars often overlook this when approaching a parked car.

Legal Representation For Victims Of Life-Changing Pedestrian Injuries

Because pedestrians have no protection against the impact of cars, trucks or motorcycles, the harm they suffer is often life-changing. Even a collision with a bike can result in serious injuries.

At Rosenblum & Reisman, our lawyers stand up for victims of pedestrian accidents. We have helped many people who have suffered catastrophic injuries recover compensation they need to get back on their feet.

Our team of attorneys has obtained many millions of dollars in personal injury settlements and verdicts for people like you in Memphis and throughout Tennessee.

We are particularly skilled at handling cases involving head injuries, neck injuries and back injuries. When we pursue compensation, we take great care to see that it will be sufficient to cover all future medical costs.

Count on us to hold the negligent driver accountable and get you the compensation you need.

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