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Flesh-eating bacteria causes serious injuries at nail salon

Anyone who visits a nail salon likely does so with anticipation of being pampered and treated by skilled operators. Suffering serious injuries will certainly not be on the mind of any client who visits such an establishment. However, a client of a nail salon in Tennessee apparently almost lost her arm after she suffered a flesh-eating bacterial infection after a manicure earlier this year.

Reportedly, the woman suffered a small cut to her thumb during the manicure. She went to the doctor after developing flu-like symptoms, and a nurse practitioner determined that the infection had spread into her arm. Further swelling sent her to the ER, and she reports that the doctor warned that she might lose her arm, or even her life.

Motorcycle accident claims life of 31-year-old rider

Motorcycle riders will always be more vulnerable than drivers of other vehicles. Not only do bikers need more skills than car drivers do, but they also ride on two wheels only, significantly increasing the risk of crashing. Furthermore, motorcyclists have none of the protection offered to motorists, such as airbags, seat belts and the cab of the vehicle. For those reasons, the chances of surviving a motorcycle accident are limited.

One such a tragedy occurred in Memphis on a recent Saturday evening. According to a preliminary crash report, the accident happened on Interstate 55 shortly before 10:30 p.m. when a 31-year-old motorcyclist was exiting the interstate. Police say the biker was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by a 51-year-old driver.

Catastrophic injuries: Work-related amputations

Workers nationwide, including Tennessee, risk losing body parts each year. In unsafe work environments, unprotected working parts of equipment and machines cause compression or crushing injuries. Hands, feet, fingers and other body parts can also be struck by or caught between objects. The most common amputations are reported to be fingertips.

As a part of employers' responsibility to provide safe workplaces, safeguards must be installed to prevent contact with moving parts. Among others, potential amputation hazards include power presses, conveyors, printing presses, meat grinders, food slicers, band saws, table and portable saws, grinders, and shears. Safeguards must be secure, and bypassing or tampering with the guards must not be allowed. Workers must receive adequate safety training related to the dangers of avoiding safety devices and taking short cuts that could lead to catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic injuries: TBI brings dramatic life changes

Life after a traumatic brain injury is hard to imagine. Just like all other catastrophic injuries, TBI affects not only the victim but also his or her family members and friends. Tennessee families might find comfort in learning that, if the negligence of another party caused such an injury, potential damage recovery options may be available.

TBI can range from mild to severe, and the consequences can be long-term or short-term. Victims can suffer permanent or temporary aftereffects -- often life-altering. Brain injuries typically cause unconsciousness, and the level and length of this state usually determine the severity. Mild and minor brain injuries could cause headaches, disturbed sleep patterns, fatigue, seizures, mood swings and depression, but a TBI could also resolve within about one year.

Falls kill about 1,800 U.S. nursing home residents annually

When you place a parent or another elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you likely do so after acknowledging that he or she needs extra assistance when it comes to getting around and otherwise caring for his or herself. While deciding to move a loved one into a care facility is often an extremely difficult one, it can be easier on the entire family when you know your loved one will receive a high level of care in the residence you select.

Unfortunately, not all American nursing home residents receive the level of care they deserve, and numerous factors contribute to this. In many cases, nursing homes lack adequate nurses or other staff members, which can make it extremely difficult for your loved one to receive the mobility and other assistance he or she needs. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News reports that falls happen at alarming rates in many nursing home environments, with the average 100-bed nursing home reporting between 100 and 200 resident falls every year.

Medical negligence to blame for many birth injuries

Doctors and medical staff in hospitals in Tennessee and across the United States undoubtedly know how to handle the process of delivering babies safely. After all, they received years of training, but lawsuits alleging medical negligence continue to move through the civil courts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50,000 mothers and their newborn babies nationwide suffer birth injuries each year.

In many cases, the negligence involves failure to take prescribed precautions like monitoring the mother's blood loss or waiting too long to administer medication for blood pressure that rises high enough to cause a stroke or even death. In some cases, medical staff fails to recognize the need for emergency C-sections. These and other acts of negligence can jeopardize the health and safety of mothers and their babies, often with lifelong consequences.

Scaffolds responsible for many construction site injuries

It is not unusual for construction projects in Tennessee to have strict deadlines. Unfortunately, deadlines often put pressure on workers to take shortcuts and rush to get jobs done faster. That could lead to preventable construction site injuries. Scaffolds are structures that are often hastily erected without the necessary compliance with the safety standards prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Falls are the most significant scaffold related hazards, and prevention starts with proper safety training. Before getting on a scaffold, it is crucial to inspect the structure and identify safety hazards, which must then be addressed before allowing workers on the structure. The safety checks should be repeated throughout the project because weather conditions and ground movement can compromise the stability of the scaffold.

Motorcycle accident injuries are typically severe

Motorcycles are part of the scene on the Tennessee highways throughout the summer. Safety authorities note that bikers need more advanced skills and better coordination than drivers of vehicles. These two-wheeled modes of transport are typically fun to ride, but motorcycle accident-related injuries cause many severe and life-changing injuries -- some of which are fatal.

Apart from protective riding gear, helmets are crucial to prevent skull fractures or penetration injuries to the head. According to authorities, traumatic brain injuries cause a significant percentage of motorcycle accident fatalities. Whenever a motorcycle crashes, it typically falls over, an invariably lands on the rider's legs. That makes leg fractures common injuries, but wrist, arm, shoulder and pelvic fractures are also prevalent.

15-year-old dies in construction accident

Every year, thousands of teenagers nationwide, including Tennessee, secure jobs to earn some money during the summer break. Those who enter the construction industry as inexperienced rookies might not receive adequate safety training -- often with devastating consequences. Inadequate safety protocols might have led to a recent construction accident that caused the death of a 15-year-old roof worker.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers must protect all employees, including temporary and teen workers, against known hazards. Sadly, this law appears to have been disregarded at a construction site in a neighboring state. Reportedly, the young worker was working on a roof when an unsupported section collapsed and caused him to fall approximately 40 feet.

Common injuries for nursing home residents

Nursing homes should be safe places for elderly people to receive proper care. Sadly, safety hazards are common in nursing homes. One example is how many falls occur in these facilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 50 and 75% of nursing home residents fall every year

Many elderly injuries occur due to nursing home negligence. Here are a few prevalent injuries that impact nursing home residents.

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