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Helping Injured Motorcyclists In Memphis Overcome Challenges

Motorcyclists have rights. They have the right to use the road, and they have the right to pursue compensation if they are injured because of another driver’s negligence.

That is where the attorneys at Rosenblum & Reisman come in. We stand up for the rights of injured motorcycle riders and have recovered many millions of dollars in personal injury cases in Memphis and throughout the state of Tennessee.

It’s important to know that motorcycle accidents often involve challenges, ones that we have faced and can overcome.

The Motorcycle Rider Is Not To Blame

Sadly, many negligent drivers rarely accept blame for motorcycle accidents and, in fact, often point the finger at the motorcyclist. They will say that the motorcycle rider was going too fast or riding recklessly.

At Rosenblum & Reisman, we have the experience to know how to truly determine who was to blame for the motorcycle crash. We often use outside professionals or experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists, to help us piece together the details.

If a successful negotiation cannot be reached for your case because the opponent refuses to cooperate, we will not hesitate to go to trial if it’s in your best interest.

The Likelihood Of Catastrophic Injuries

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries.

This is simply because motorcycle riders have nothing to protect them against the impact of another vehicle, sign, tree or some other object.

Even with a helmet, the motorcyclist often suffers life-changing injuries such as paralysis, amputation, or traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries.

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Our Memphis motorcycle accident lawyers have handled enough of these cases to know the challenges — and how to overcome them. Let us help you.

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