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When is a trucking company responsible for accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

Truck accidents often lead to disabling permanent injuries or death. Those who survive these catastrophic collisions often go on to face massive medical bills and other life-changing expenses.

To pay these expenses and receive high-quality medical care, you must obtain the maximum allowable compensation for your harm. Instead of focusing solely on the driver, investigating the trucking company’s possible liability may increase your restitution.

Here are a few scenarios when the company may hold or share legal liability for Tennessee truck accident injuries.

Exceeding hours of service rules

Trucking companies may look the other way or even encourage truckers to exceed the established (and complex) laws on how long a driver may work. The company may be liable for your truck accident injuries if you prove it knew about hours of service violations and failed to correct the problem.

Lack of maintenance

Commercial vehicles undergo constant wear and tear from operating for many hours continuously. Since companies use trucks over and over, careful inspection and maintenance procedures are critical to ensure safety for all. Companies that fail to meet maintenance standards may be legally responsible for victim injuries.

Failure to hire qualified operators

All transportation businesses must take care when hiring their drivers. Typically, companies inspect a candidate’s background to ensure they have the proper license and a good driving record with no DUI violations. When trucking companies fail to vet their drivers, they open the door to legal liability in a crash.

Accident and injury compensation laws vary from state to state. Knowledge of the law specific to Tennessee and having legal guidance help give you the best chance of getting every cent of the compensation you are due.

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