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The risks on a motorcycle are 29 times as high

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

When considering the risks associated with any type of motor vehicle, one important thing to do is to look at how many miles are traveled. Instead of looking at the sheer amount of crashes over the course of a year, consider the number of crashes per mile.

The advantage of doing this is that you can compare accident odds in vehicle classes that see much different levels of use. For example, motorcycles are used far less than passenger cars. This means that they lead to fewer total fatal accidents every year.

But if you break it down by fatal accidents per mile traveled, you’ll find that the fatal accident rate for motorcyclists is actually 29 times higher than it is for people in other vehicles. If you just look at the total crash statistics, it leads you to think that motorcycles are safe. If you look at the actual crash rate, it shows you just how much more dangerous they really are. This illustrates why it’s so important to consider statistics carefully, as you could draw very different conclusions from the same data set.

How can motorcyclists stay safe?

This high fatal accident rate is certainly influenced by other drivers. They cause a lot of these accidents, even when motorcyclists don’t make any mistakes. You could be driving straight down the road when someone turns left in front of you, for instance, and then you’ll be involved in a very serious wreck. It may be the other driver’s fault, but you face higher risks if you’re on a motorcycle.

Staying safe starts with the right protective equipment. Helmets, boots, and even motorcycle riding suits can all reduce the odds of serious injuries. Nothing is going to perfectly prevent you from being injured in a crash, but you can make those injuries less severe.

It’s also important to become a defensive driver. As noted above, many other drivers make mistakes that put motorcyclists in the hospital. As a defensive driver, you’ll learn how to anticipate these mistakes. Knowing that other drivers are going to cause errors before they do may allow you to avoid some of these accidents.

Have you already been injured?

Knowing how to stay safe is beneficial, but not if you’ve already suffered serious injuries in an accident. If that’s the case, then it’s time to begin looking into your legal options to seek compensation.

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