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Frequent ways that a truck accident is caused

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents |

Truck accidents are usually among the most severe for passenger vehicle occupants in Tennessee. Below are the five most common ways that these accidents occur and on which side the blame can most often lie.

Driver error and poor maintenance

The leading cause is driver error, and according to some studies, 81% of error-related crashes are the fault of passenger vehicle drivers, not the truckers. These errors can range from speeding and cutting in front of trucks too close to driving drowsy and drunk.

Next, there’s the problem of poor vehicle maintenance. Truckers are often guilty of this because they have more responsibilities in this area. Before every shift, they are supposed to inspect their rig and fill out a maintenance report. Failure to do this leads to problems that raise the risk for a crash, such as worn brake pads.

Faulty components and inexperienced drivers

Sometimes, truck parts manufacturers may have produced or designed a defective component that subsequently initiates a crash. Obviously, truck drivers would not be held liable in such cases.

A fourth cause is poorly loaded or secured cargo. Trucking companies may not follow the industry-specific rules on this, the result being tip-overs or incidents with cargo spilling out onto the road. Lastly, truckers can crash because of inexperience traveling in bad weather.

Legal assistance with a personal injury claim

Many truck accidents form the basis for a personal injury claim. You may be able to seek compensation from the trucking company or from the insurance provider if the trucker was an owner-operator. Either way, the process can be difficult without having legal representation of your own, since you will likely be facing a team of lawyers ready to fight against your claim or force you into a low-ball settlement.

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