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Accident prevention and safety precautions for motorcycle riders

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 80% of accidents involving a motorcycle resulted in injury or death for the rider. There are several reasons why a passenger vehicle may cause an accident with a motorcycle including not being able to spot the rider quick enough in Tennessee. Here are some things a motorcycle driver can do to lower the chances of being involved in an accident.

Motorcycle accidents often end in tragedy or severe injuries, so the rider should gear up. Long pants and sleeves are recommended. They should be made from leather. Gloves, eye protection and durable boots that go past the ankle are also recommended. Then, during the winter months, use layers. Wearing bright colors and reflective material helps drivers of passenger vehicles as well as commercial trucks see the motorcycle rider. Helmets are also a must, especially the kind that have bright colors.

A motorcycle rider’s eyes should always be on the road. Intersections can be particularly dangerous, so that is not the time to text, make a phone call or complete any other phone-related activities. Speeding and riding under the influence or in bad weather are not recommended. Bad weather, in particular, makes the motorcycle more susceptible to an accident.

Most motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider. Distracted driving, not signaling and not checking blind spots can cause a passenger vehicle to crash or knock over a motorcycle and its rider. Often, the rider has a case against the driver, but in order to prove it and receive compensation, the legal process must be completed. It begins with hiring a competent legal expert who specializes in personal injury and motorcycle accidents. A lawyer may be able to put together the necessary evidence and case in favor of the rider.

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