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Road rash may lead to serious complications

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Uncategorized |

With spring just a few weeks away, you are itching to climb behind the handlebars of your favorite motorcycle and explore everything Tennessee has to offer. Of course, because motorcycle riding can be dangerous, you must wear appropriate protective gear. If you fail to do so, you have an increased chance of suffering a serious injury on the road. 

Road rash occurs when skin rubs against the surface of the road. To prevent it, the Tennessee Highway Safety Office recommends wearing a jacket and protective leather chaps. While road rash can be painful, it is typically treatable. Regrettably, though, the condition may lead to significant health complications. 


Typically being about 20 square feet, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Because road rash tears into skin, the condition makes an individual susceptible to infection. While many infections are treatable with antibiotics, others are more serious. In fact, certain infections can be deadly. 


Road rash causes extreme irritation and soreness. As the body heals, excess fluid can accumulate around the affected area. Known as edema, this condition can interfere with blood circulation. If edema is serious, it may also negatively affect organ function. In extreme cases, damaged tissue may require amputation. 


Usually, medical professionals treat road rash using the same methods as burns. Like with burns, road rash has the potential to cause extensive scarring. Unfortunately, scarring is not always purely cosmetic. On the contrary, severe scarring may limit movement and have other side effects. If scarring causes its own complications, surgery may be necessary. 

Even if you trust your riding skills, you likely do not have much confidence in others who occupy the roads in and around Memphis. Therefore, to increase your chances of surviving a motorcycle crash, you must always wear appropriate riding gear. By understanding road rash and its complications, you can better plan for staying safe on your motorcycle.

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