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Motorcycle accident injuries are typically severe

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Motorcycles are part of the scene on the Tennessee highways throughout the summer. Safety authorities note that bikers need more advanced skills and better coordination than drivers of vehicles. These two-wheeled modes of transport are typically fun to ride, but motorcycle accident-related injuries cause many severe and life-changing injuries — some of which are fatal.

Apart from protective riding gear, helmets are crucial to prevent skull fractures or penetration injuries to the head. According to authorities, traumatic brain injuries cause a significant percentage of motorcycle accident fatalities. Whenever a motorcycle crashes, it typically falls over, an invariably lands on the rider’s legs. That makes leg fractures common injuries, but wrist, arm, shoulder and pelvic fractures are also prevalent.

Road rash is also a common injury because motorcycles provide no protection. Riders and passengers typically land on the road surface, and different degrees of skin damage occur. First-degree road rash is not severe because it involves no more than the skin taking on a red appearance. When only the outer skin layers are broken, the damage is known as second-degree. Third-degree road rash occurs when the damage is so severe that the inner tissue and fat layers are exposed, and immediate medical attention is required.

Any motorcycle accident victim can face mounting medical bills and lost wages. Depending on the severity of the injuries, long-term care might exacerbate the financial hardship that could follow. If another person’s negligence caused such an accident, the injured victims might have questions about their legal rights to recover damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide answers and the necessary support and guidance throughout the ensuing legal proceedings in Tennessee.

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