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A motorcyclist may face spinal cord injury if a crash occurs

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In a car-motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist is the most vulnerable to serious injury because he or she lacks the protection a closed vehicle offers.

Broken bones are common in a motorcycle accident, but one of the most serious and potentially life-changing results is a spinal cord injury.

Reasons for motorcycle accidents

Perhaps you are on your way home from work when a storm develops, causing poor visibility for everyone on the road. Perhaps you face unsafe road conditions, or maybe a driver turns left in front of you as you approach a busy intersection. Any of these circumstances can result in a crash and serious injury.

About spinal cord injury

The spinal cord is responsible for carrying impulses from your brain to other parts of your body. A sudden blow to the spine is usually the cause of spinal cord injury, or SCI, of which there are two kinds: complete and incomplete. In the former, the victim loses the ability to feel below the site of the injury and can only make involuntary movements. In the latter, some level of functioning is still possible.

A look at symptoms

A wide range of symptoms means that SCI is not always immediately recognizable. The motorcyclist may only feel pain or a stinging sensation after an accident. There could be some coughing or breathing problems, but the rider can move and may not realize that there is any serious issue. However, depending on the site of the spinal cord injury, as well as the intensity of impact and subsequent damage to the spine, there could be a loss of mobility, lack of sensation or intense muscle spasms.

Next steps

If you suffer an injury in a motorcycle accident, you should first seek medical attention. Your next step is to explore your legal options. If the medical diagnosis is SCI, remember that while there is no cure, rehabilitation and the latest treatment protocols can help you resume an active life. While you concentrate on your health, you can rely on an advocate to negotiate full and fair compensation on your behalf to cover your medical expenses and more.

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