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Most frequently reported motorcycle accident injuries

by | Nov 11, 2018 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Heading into winter weather, motorcycle enthusiasts in Tennessee will have to take special care when they take to the roads. Operating motorcycles in any weather conditions requires more skills than driving automobiles. Also, without seat belts, air bags and other protective features with which larger enclosed vehicles are equipped, motorcycle accident injuries are often more traumatic than those suffered by occupants of four-wheel vehicles. Safety authorities say eight in 10 motorcycle crash victims suffer severe or fatal injuries.

Bone fractures — most often broken legs — are some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries. They often result from the bike falling onto the rider in an accident because it has only two wheels and cannot stand without support. However, the instinct people have to put out their hands to attempt to break falls frequently causes fractured arms and wrists. Pelvic and shoulder fractures are also common in these crashes.

Varying degrees of road rash are also par for the course because victims typically land on the road surface. Abrasions, outer-layer skin damage and severe deep-layer damage are classified as first, second and third-degree road rash, the latter needing urgent medical care. Then there are head injuries that cause most of the fatalities in motorcycle accidents. Safety authorities say helmets can significantly reduce fatalities, and limit the severity of head injuries. However, a helmet cannot prevent traumatic brain injuries, which are caused by the movement of the brain inside the skull.

Bikers in Tennessee, or the surviving families of deceased bikers, who have to deal with the emotional and financial consequences of a motorcycle accident might have questions about their legal rights to seek recovery. If the crash resulted from another party’s negligence, grounds likely exist to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system. An experienced personal injury attorney will likely be the best person to provide support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.

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