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3 things to remember when driving around semi-trucks

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2024 | Car Accidents |

A semi-truck can do you more damage than any other vehicle on the road due to its size. Hence, you want to do all you can to avoid colliding with one.

Understanding a little about how driving these giants differs from driving a car is a good start.

Trucks are a lot harder to maneuver than cars

A truck driver needs much more room to change lanes, make a turn, overtake someone or slow down. Allowing them that time and space reduces the chance they collide with you in the process.

Truck drivers may struggle to see you

Many people assume that because a truck driver is high up, they have a fantastic view of the road. They do and they don’t. While they have a fantastic view over the rooftops of smaller vehicles, their view in most directions is limited. 

They’ll struggle to see you if you pull right in front of them. They won’t know you are there if you sit tight on their tail. And they could also struggle to see you if you are alongside them. Their blind spots are huge, so it’s crucial to keep your distance.

Truck drivers have often been on the road for hours

While truck drivers are probably capable of staying awake at the wheel for longer than most people, it does not mean they don’t get tired at times.  Even a little tiredness will affect their driving ability. The punishing schedules they often work only add to the problem.

All in all, it’s clear giving trucks a wide berth is best. If a crash occurs, you’ll almost certainly suffer injuries and need to learn more about claiming compensation.

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