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Why are roundabouts so popular?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Roundabouts are becoming an increasingly common presence on roads in the United States, including here in Tennessee – and not without reason.

These circular intersections guide traffic in one direction around a central island, and they offer numerous advantages over traditional intersections that are controlled by traffic signals or stop signs. Here’s why:

They eliminate the problem of the left-hand turn

It might surprise you to learn that 61% of all motor vehicle wrecks that take place at intersections involve a left-hand turn. That’s one of the reasons that even some major delivery companies prefer to have their drivers make three right-hand turns instead of a single left. 

Essentially, roundabouts reduce the potential for conflict points – or places where the paths between two or more vehicles cross. Their circular design also forces drivers to slow down, and the reduced speeds translate to less severe accidents when collisions do occur. That ultimately reduces the number of fatal wrecks, too.

Finally, eliminating left-hand turns helps improve traffic flow. Unlike traditional intersections where vehicles trying to make a left have to stop and wait for an opening to turn, roundabouts allow for continuous traffic movement. That reduces delays and can cut down significantly on travel times and traffic snarls during peak hours. 

Ultimately, you can expect to see roundabouts in more areas as time goes on and more resources are poured into the local infrastructure. Unfortunately, any change on the road can cause some confusion for drivers as they try to adjust. Drivers who don’t fully understand how to navigate a roundabout can still make missteps and cause an accident. If that happens to you,  you have every right to ask for your fair compensation for your injuries and losses.


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