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People may overlook broken bones after a car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Car Accidents |

The injuries possible in a motor vehicle collision can put someone in the hospital and force them to take leave from work. Car crash injuries can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars or far beyond that. Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, for example, could require immediate trauma care and surgery followed by years of continual medical support. The injured party may forever require medical care and have limitations on the work they can do professionally and in their own home.

Even injuries that people might consider less severe, such as broken bones or fractures, could lead to significant financial setbacks. Broken bones may require expensive medical care and could prevent people from continuing to work. In some cases, people end up worsening their crash-generated injuries because they don’t notice them at the scene of a wreck. Contrary to what people often think about broken bones, they are not always easy to diagnose after a traumatic incident.

Some people have stable fractures

A broken bone can be incredibly dramatic from the moment the injury first occurs. Someone may notice that their limb bends at an unusual angle and may experience intense physical pain. Other times, they may be unable to use the injured body part because it cannot bear weight. In extreme cases, the bone may have pushed through the skin, leading to blood loss and other complication risks.

Other times, the bone breaks but does not move much afterward. A stable fracture may not be immediately painful, and the bone remains aligned. Therefore, there is no dramatic injury or bodily contortion to warn someone of the internal injury they have suffered. Some people may go several days before they engage in activities that worsen a stable fracture and make them realize that they have a potential injury.

Stable fractures can complicate someone’s recovery, as they may suffer secondary injuries before they receive treatment. A delay in diagnosis can cause other challenges as well. Insurance companies may be more likely to question claims for treatment if someone went days after their initial injury before a diagnosis.

Those who see a doctor after a car crash can prevent a scenario in which they overlook major injuries. Understanding the limitations of self-evaluation may help people take the right steps after a car crash to protect their physical health and finances.

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