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Can fast food cause car accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Fast food is a largely popular service that, as you know, makes it easier to get a quick meal without ever leaving your car. This invention has made it possible for anyone to grab a meal just about anywhere they are in a matter of minutes. It’s so fast that the food is often still piping hot as it’s sitting in its bag.

Most people are tempted to eat while their food is hot, including drivers. However, eating while driving is considered a distraction. Distracted driving is a seriously dangerous action that can lead to auto accidents. 

Distracted driving happens when a driver is physically or mentally drawn away from the act of driving. A driving distraction is anything that requires the use of the eyes, hands or mind. In other words, a driver may focus less on driving and more on something like texting or talking to a passenger.

But, how is eating a distraction? Here’s what you should know:

Unwrapping a meal

Every fast food meal comes packaged when handed to drivers. Burgers are typically put in a tin foil wrap to keep it warm and fries may be held in a small cardboard box, all of which is placed in a paper bag. A driver becomes distracted the moment they start to reach into the bag for a fry or unwrap the burger. This raises the potential for auto accidents.

Grease, condiments and spills

Furthermore, because drivers often don’t realize the risks of eating while driving, they may open themselves up to more distractions. For example, the grease off a burger may make it harder for a driver to turn a wheel away from another car. Or, condiments or a drink spill may momentarily surprise a driver, causing them to hit another vehicle.

It can be hard to prove that a driver was distracted when they caused an accident. You may need to understand your legal options when proving your injuries and damages were caused by a distracted driver. 


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