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3 things you should not say to the other driver

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Car Accidents |

When you are involved in a car accident, you should get the other driver’s details and insurance information. This is one of the things to do to build a strong claim against them. However, when talking to the other driver, you should avoid some statements, as they can harm your case.

Here are three of them:

“Let’s handle this on our own”

Settling the accident with the other driver seems like a convenient solution – you don’t need to include external parties, and you suffered a minor injury or vehicle damage that they can pay for immediately. However, this is a mistake. You should report the accident to the police and get insurance companies involved. 

The other driver may pressure you to accept this agreement, as it saves them from increased insurance premiums, which their insurer will most likely subject them to after learning of the accident. 

You should avoid bringing up this matter, and if the other driver suggests it, do not comment. 

“I didn’t see you”

You may use this statement when figuring out what just happened or as an apology. Either way, you should not use it because it implies you are at fault. If the other driver asks what you saw moments before the accident, do not respond.

“I don’t need a doctor”

You should avoid statements that suggest you are not injured, such as “I don’t need a doctor” or” I’m not that hurt,” even if you believe you are not seriously injured. You can only know the location and extent of your injuries after a medical examination.  

These statements can affect your ability to get the compensation you deserve. You should get legal guidance when injured in an accident to make informed decisions.

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