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Why car crash victims should be wary of social media 

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Car Accidents |

If you are among the millions of Americans who log on to social media platforms regularly, you must proceed cautiously in the aftermath of an auto accident. 

All too often, individuals no longer think twice before picking up a phone or a tablet to post on social media when something interesting – either good or bad – happens. After a car accident, the consequences of giving into this instinct can come back to haunt you. 

What’s the problem with posting on social?

Unlike your emails, texts and search history, which insurance claims specialists and opposing counsel can generally only get access to via a subpoena, your social media activity is made widely available on a public platform. “But I have maxed out my privacy settings!” you might be thinking. You cannot trust that privacy settings on a public platform will keep interested individuals from accessing your activity.

When “the other side” of your car accident claim looks at your social media activity, any individual party may seek to use it against you. From misinterpreting a photograph to claiming that you “can’t really be that hurt” given what you’re doing or even twisting your words, anything is possible. You’ll need to behave as if everything that you post can and will be used to undermine the strength of your accident claim(s). 

If you have questions or concerns about how your everyday activities can potentially impact your car accident case, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance. It is fully within your rights to do what you need to do to make informed decisions about your legal situation at all times. 

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