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You can get a serious liver injury in a car crash

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

When you think of injuries people sustain in motor vehicle accidents, the ones that come to mind first probably involve the spine, brain and neck. Those injuries are very common and can often be serious. But did you know that you can also injure your liver in a crash? It’s definitely possible. Such an injury can be severe and possibly lethal.

The liver performs many essential functions. It plays a key role in the clotting of blood, gets rid of toxins in the blood and produces bile that helps you utilize fats.

Your liver is susceptible to what is called blunt force trauma, particularly if you have such an impact on the area near where your stomach is located. This is “[d}ue to [your liver’s] relatively large size and location in the front of your body.”

Know the indications of a liver injury

It’s always best to have a medical professional evaluate your injuries right after you have been in a collision and get fast, appropriate treatment. Signs of a damaged liver include a belly that seems bloated, you appear pale, you feel short of breath and you experience intense stomach and back discomfort.

What can happen to your liver if you are in a car crash

These are three usual kinds of liver injuries from blunt force trauma:

  • Your liver might be deprived of an adequate blood supply.
  • You could develop a hematoma.
  • That occurs when a blood vessel is damaged and blood pools outside the vessel. The liver could sustain a tear. It can be either penetrating or superficial.

A damaged liver can have major consequences

A liver injury from a motor vehicle collision can have a tremendous impact on your health. You can’t take it lightly. Make sure you are diagnosed and treated quickly. You may also want to opt to seek compensation for your suffering and lost wages.

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