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Is the early settlement offer after a wreck a scam?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Car Accidents |

You’ve been hurt in a car wreck, and it’s clearly the other party’s fault. Your injuries are significant and you’re worried about your bills, your health and your family’s future.

When the other party’s insurance company calls with a fairly quick settlement offer, it can feel like a huge relief – but beware: This could be (and most likely is) an attempt to give you less than you’re due. Here’s what you need to know:

The insurance adjuster realizes that you’re vulnerable

Uncertainty and fear are powerful motivators, and insurance company adjusters are trained to exploit that to rush you into a disadvantageous settlement.

No matter how friendly they may sound (and they will sound friendly in order to charm you into thinking that they are interested in justice), their sole job is to save their employer money. The metrics used to measure their job performance are tied to how much they save – not how generous or just they can be.

You have no idea how to properly value your claim

Understanding the true value of a car accident means understanding everything from the known actual losses to the unknown future losses – plus your pain, suffering and other variables. Even your location can play into this figure, as what’s considered adequate compensation in New York may be considered extravagant in Louisiana. As a layperson, you’re simply not equipped to know if what you’re being offered is even remotely fair.

You may be more hurt than you realize

The truth is, you may not really know exactly how serious or permanent your injuries may be. Today, your doctor may think that your back injury will resolve with a month or so of rest and conservative treatment. Tomorrow, you could be seeing a surgeon because the damage simply won’t heal. If you accept a settlement today, you cannot go back and ask for additional monies.

If you’ve been injured in a car wreck here in Memphis, don’t try to navigate the complex insurance process on your own – and don’t let a savvy insurance adjuster sweet-talk you out of what you’re due. Experienced legal guidance can help you get the compensation that’s truly fair for your situation.

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