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Phone distraction lasts long after the phone gets put down

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

It’s become clear that using a phone while driving is too dangerous to be permitted. People who are texting, talking, checking social media and doing all sorts of other tasks on their phones while they drive have a severely higher risk of getting into a car accident. It’s very similar to the risk if someone was drunk driving.

In order to use the phone safely, some people decide that they will only get the phone out if they are stopped. They know that phone use behind the wheel is dangerous, but they figure that distraction ends when the use ends. If they check their texts at a red light, they can set the phone down when the light turns green. But there’s one serious flaw with this theory.

The distraction continues for 27 seconds

According to some reports, the issue is that a person who is distracted by their phone will still continue to be distracted for the next 27 seconds. Even after they stop using the phone, that distraction lingers. 

They may be thinking about what they were doing on the phone or what they plan to do at the next red light. They may still be considering the contents of those text messages. Someone who texted their boss that they were going to be late, for example, may be worrying about potential ramifications.

Regardless of the exact reason for that distraction, the main point is simply that the distraction continues. This means that texting or using the phone at a red light is not safe, and a driver who does so is more likely to cause an accident, even though they think that they’re being careful. 

If you’ve been hit by a distracted driver and suffered severe injuries, don’t let them make excuses. Find out what legal options you have. 

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