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3 ways broken bones from crashes cost more than insurance pays

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The physics of each motor vehicle collision that occurs are inherently unique. Factors ranging from the models and speeds of the vehicles involved to the weather conditions at the time of the crash will influence exactly what occurs and what property damage or injuries result.

A broken bone is painful and inconvenient, but it may not seem as serious or expensive as other injuries that you might suffer, like the amputation of a leg. Before you accept the insurance company’s settlement offer for your current medical costs, it’s important to learn about situations where fractures might cost more than you initially think they will.

When you need surgery to recover

Not all broken bones heal quickly. Some people are fortunate and have a clean, stable fracture that is easy to set. Their recovery may only take six to eight weeks before they can get out of the cast.

Others will not be nearly as lucky. The force in a car crash can twist a bone, breaking it into jagged, irregular pieces. When a bone breaks into multiple pieces or when the edges are hard to align, a surgeon may need to operate to start the bone. In some cases, implanted supports or pins may be necessary due to a bone broken into multiple small pieces.

When your body doesn’t heal properly

Although it is rare, some people with broken might develop complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS can develop after someone experiences physical trauma like a broken bone.

This rare but debilitating condition can cause lasting pain and diminish your strength and range of motion in the affected body part. CRPS has no cure and is often progressive, meaning that it can lead to permanent and total disability. 

When you develop an infection

If you require surgery or suffer an open or compound fracture where the bone forces its way through the skin, you are at high risk of infection. Infections will slow down your recovery and potentially require secondary medical treatment, including a stay in the hospital. It can take time for an infection to set in after a surgery or traumatic injury.

Waiting to better understand your prognosis after a car crash leaves you with a broken bone can help ensure that you get adequate insurance coverage based on the impact of your injuries.

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