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How to avoid tire blowouts on the hottest days of the year

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

Memphis has experienced record hot days over the past few months, and there are many more on the horizon. It’s likely that you’re already aware of the many road hazards that exist during the summer months. These include an uptick in teen drivers, road construction, intoxicated motorists and tourist traffic.

You might not know about another significant danger, which is tire blowouts. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the factors that can cause these incidents, as a tire blowout can be deadly.

Factors that can lead to tire blowouts

Time blowouts are more likely to occur in extreme weather conditions, such as in the winter or summer. The air in your tires may expand, causing them to burst in certain situations. They may deflate under other circumstances, also resulting in undesired consequences.

Factors other than weather conditions that can cause tire blowouts include:

  • Unequally sized or inflated tires, especially if they deviate from manufacturer recommendations
  • Potholes
  • Striking a tire on railroad track ties
  • When a vehicle’s speed gets to 75 miles per hour, there’s more stress on the tires, leaving them vulnerable to bursting
  • Operating a vehicle with inadequate tread left on its tires
  • Excessive braking

There are some instances in which tire blowouts aren’t attributable to a driver’s behaviors or vehicle maintenance. Blowouts can be attributed to manufacturing defects in these instances instead.

Tire blowouts can be deadly

When you hear about a blowout, you might think about a flat tire. Imagine traveling down the road at a high rate of speed when it occurs. It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If you envision a blowout happening in the center of an intersection, then someone might strike you.

Fortunately, there are laws on the books here in Tennessee that may allow you to recover compensation if another driver injures you. It’s essential to know what your options are for seeking compensation for your expenses and damages.

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