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How can driver scorecards help reduce commercial driver crashes?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If a commercial vehicle crashes into you, it may leave you confused as well as injured. After all, are “professional” drivers not meant to be better drivers?


If you have ever seen a trucker reverse an 18-wheeler into a tight space, you will know that people who drive for a living can be highly skilled. Yet, that does not mean they all are. Those who drive for a living could also be new to the job or not very good. Or they could be driving poorly due to job pressure.


Fleet managers can use driver scorecards to assess driver performance


Some fleet managers are using driver scorecards to track driver performance through data collected from the vehicle’s electronic tracking system. Here are a few things they can provide information about:


      The speed they travel at: Drivers who ignore speed limits or travel too fast for the conditions are more likely to crash.


      How they brake: Excess braking is a sign that drivers are erratic or do not notice they need to slow until late. That could be a sign they are not paying attention.


      How they corner: Taking a corner too fast could cause a vehicle to drift across into your lane and collide head-on with you.


      The hours they drive: The rules permit commercial drivers to work hours many consider unsafe. A driver who has been at the wheel all day may have drifted off due to tiredness. One that has been working long hours day after day for weeks will not be at their best.


If a commercial driver injures you in a crash, it is crucial to investigate why the crash happened. Evidence showing they were driving poorly can help you to get the compensation you need.

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