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Can crash-avoidance technology help teens be safer drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Car Accidents |

One of the main reasons why seasoned motorists fear sharing the road with teenage drivers is their lack of driving experience. 

Veteran behind the wheel do have a valid reason to worry about newly licensed, teen drivers if you look at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data published in 2018. That data shows that motorists between 16 and 19 years of age have the highest collision rate of all motorists when a “per mile driven” comparison is done. Distractions, including friends, music and smartphones, are often to blame for them causing crashes. This concern has motivated many auto manufacturers to develop crash-avoidance technology aimed at this population in the past few years. 

What emergent technology exists to improve teen driving?

Many different on-board driving technology options have rolled out in recent years aimed at reducing reckless driving, including programs that: 

  • Regulate how fast a motorist travels, how loud they turn the radio up and the application of their brakes
  • Send alerts if a motorist neglects to put on their seatbelt or drives into a specific area
  • Warn them when they leave their lane
  • Help motorists see things in their blind spots

These programs exist in addition to other ones that have long been on the market that warn motorists when their fuel is running low or that disable phone use when the car is in motion. 

All of the above-referenced programs have the potential to minimize accidents. Yet, nothing replaces the experience they gain in time the longer they have their license and respond to different conditions and stimuli. 

Your options if a teen strikes your car, leaving you injured

Many motorists express concern when sharing the road with inexperienced teen drivers. As you’re well aware, all motorists must have insurance, no matter what age they are. You might be able to recover compensation if a teen motorist left you with serious injuries in a car accident. An attorney can advise you whether that’s the case in your situation. 

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