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Work zones in Tennessee can be dangerous for both the drivers and the workers. You’re trying to navigate a cramped section of the road that’s populated with construction workers and work equipment. Every year, hundreds of people lose their lives in work zone accidents. How can you keep yourself from becoming one of those statistics?

How to avoid accidents in work zones

When you enter a work zone, it’s important to always stay alert. You never know when you could come across an obstacle in the road. Stay in your lane, watch out for workers, and follow the instructions on the signs. The construction workers might also direct you to different parts of the road. Follow their instructions, even if it’s inconvenient.

You should also obey the posted speed limit, even if it’s lower than the regular speed limit. This lowered speed limit exists to protect drivers and construction workers from auto accident injuries. If you hit a construction worker, you could be looking at massive fines and even jail time.

It’s also important to keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. They might have to stop unexpectedly, and if you’re driving close to their bumper, you might end up rear-ending the person in front of you. Give yourself plenty of space so that you can stop on a dime if you need to. You should also be prepared to merge into the other lane at any time.

What if you’re injured in a work zone?

Studies have shown that work zones are actually more dangerous for drivers than they are for construction workers. In fact, drivers and passengers make up 85% of work zone fatalities. If you’ve had an injury in a work zone, talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the construction company.

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