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Tennessee worker killed in road construction site accident

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death, Construction Site Accident Injuries |

Road construction sites pose an endless list of safety hazards, not only for the workers but also for the traffic moving through the construction zone. For that reason, employers nationwide, including Tennessee, must ensure that all known hazards are addressed. They are responsible for the safety of employees by compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety standards and guidelines.

A tragic fatal work-related accident claimed the life of a Tennessee construction worker on a recent Thursday afternoon. According to a police report, a worker died after a road grader struck him. Reportedly, the operator of the grader backed up to make space for a dump truck unloading gravel.

The worker who was struck was a flagman. The police reported that the grader operator failed to notice the flagman behind the massive machine. The 21-year-old flagman was declared deceased at the accident scene. Although the investigation is ongoing, police said they do not expect charges to be filed. However, OSHA will likely follow up with an investigation during which the employer’s compliance with safety regulations will be determined.

The Tennessee workers’ compensation system covers employees who suffer work-related injuries. In an event such as this construction site accident in which a worker was killed, the surviving family members will likely be eligible for death benefits. The benefits typically include compensation to cover the costs of end-of-life expenses. Furthermore, the benefits will also provide financial assistance to the surviving family members who have to cope after the unexpected loss of income to assist with rental or mortgage payments and daily living expenses.

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