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Variable speed limit systems may help reduce accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents |

Drivers in Tennessee need to be especially cautious when entering a construction zone. Unfortunately, drivers may, through no fault of their own, be hit from behind because the other driver failed to slow down in time. It’s a widespread issue: Construction cones and reduced speed limit signs don’t seem to give enough of a heads-up.

How variable speed limits come in

A reduced speed limit sign may not accurately reflect the speed at which the cars up ahead are traveling. It may be slower than the speed limit indicates. For this reason, many experts are looking to variable advisory speed limit systems to do something about this.

VASL systems work in real time to provide advisory reduced speed limits based on the actual speeds at which cars are moving up ahead. In effect, they may prevent crashes, keep the construction workers safe and also reduce the amount of traffic congestion.

University of Missouri study results

Researchers at the University of Missouri teamed up with the Missouri Department of Transportation to test the VASL system on a particularly risky stretch of highway in St. Louis. They found that the system reduced the chances of a rear-end collision by 30%. There were also 20% fewer crashes or near-misses involving lane changes. As for the average traffic queue length, it became 53% shorter.

Legal help for innocent victims

When inattentive, speeding drivers cause car accidents, they should be held responsible for any injuries and property damage incurred on the other side. The victims would be filing a personal injury claim in order to be covered for all monetary and non-monetary losses, including vehicle repair costs, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. A lawyer may be especially helpful when it comes to navigating this process.

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