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Prevent car accidents by choosing a safer vehicle

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Most drivers will be involved in an auto vehicle accident at some point. People in Tennessee should know that they can control some factors in terms of their risk. For example, some vehicles are much likelier to be involved in deadly accidents than others. By choosing a safer car and driving defensively, drivers can limit their chances of a collision.

The most dangerous vehicles

One of the most dangerous vehicles on the road right now is a pickup truck. The GMC Sierra has been involved in over 3,200 fatal accidents since 2014. It’s always a good idea for people to research safety ratings before purchasing a pickup.

Another dangerous vehicle involved in many motor vehicle accidents is the Honda Accord. The Accord is a midsized car that’s available as a coupe and a sedan. It’s a very affordable and fuel-efficient vehicle, but it’s been involved in quite a few fatal accidents. From 2014-2018, there were over 5,000 fatal car accidents involving the Accord. Over 290,000 Accords were sold in 2018.

Finally, the Ford Explorer has also been involved in many deadly collisions. The Explorer is a full-sized SUV. From 2014-2018, this SUV was involved in over 3,330 fatal accidents. On average, about one person is killed in these collisions. The Ford Explorer is a popular vehicle that sells over 250,000 units most years.

Anyone who’s been involved in a motor vehicle accident should seek medical treatment, take photos at the scene and retain his or her own attorney. Remember, insurance company lawyers work for their employers, not for you. Having your own lawyer to advocate for your needs is the best way to get the damages to which you’re entitled.

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