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The most commonly seen car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

Every day, some 7,000 people are injured in car crashes. Perhaps you were involved in a crash in Tennessee, and you’re wondering if you can seek out compensation from the other driver’s auto insurance company. The answer may be yes. You need to take stock of the injuries you suffered and receive proper treatment first. Below are some of the most common injuries that crash victims suffer.

Injuries to the brain, neck and spine

Head trauma can cause crash victims to suffer a traumatic brain injury or concussion. The symptoms, which can range from headaches to nausea and dizziness, may not appear until days or weeks afterwards. Neck injuries occur, too, the most well-known being whiplash where the neck snaps back and forth and strains or tears the muscles there. Sometimes, the vertebrae in the neck can become dislocated.

When an accident causes a car to spin under the occupants, they may harm their back in a traumatic way. The discs in the spine, for instance, may become misaligned, and the backbone may be fractured. A passenger could strain or pull the soft tissues in the back as well.

How the seat belt can injure you

Crash victims may press against the shoulder belt and do damage to their collarbone and ribs. As for the lap belt, this could harm their internal organs, including their lungs, liver and kidneys, and even cause internal bleeding. Of course, victims who neglect their seat belt are liable to be injured in a much worse way. They might break their knee, leg and foot.

Another overlooked injury is the psychological harm that a severe accident can inflict. It’s not uncommon for victims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after a crash.

An approachable attorney for your case

You may want an attorney to assist with your personal injury case so that you can focus more on recovering both physically and emotionally. The attorney may be able to prepare your case for the negotiation table; seek out a reasonable settlement covering your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering; and litigate if all else fails.

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