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Patients may face hazards when seeking medical care

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Blog, Medical Negligence |

When people in Tennessee go to the doctor, they expect to receive accurate treatment and a proper diagnosis. However, carelessness, incorrect testing and poor diagnostic technique can lead to serious problems. Patients may not receive treatment for their illness, allowing progressive diseases like cancer to grow. Other patients may receive incorrect medications that cause serious side effects. Statistics indicate that certain types of doctors are more likely to be involved in malpractice incidents.

Delayed diagnoses may threaten patients’ lives

While only 8% of doctors 40 or younger have been sued for malpractice, almost half of those 55 and up have been. Of course, this may partially be due to longer careers. However, adeptness with technology and familiarity with updated approaches to medicine could potentially avert serious problems, regardless of the physician’s age. The top reason for malpractice claims is mistaken or delayed diagnoses, especially when an earlier correct diagnosis could have saved the patient’s life. While every professional may make mistakes and some diseases are particularly difficult to detect, some physicians may fail to pay attention to their patient, follow up on tests, or provide proper care.

Some medical specialties more dangerous

Some types of medical procedures are more likely to lead to problems later on, especially in specialties where correct medical treatment requires a high degree of precision, care and accurate response to emergent situations. When doctors make a medical mistake during childbirth or anesthesia, the results to a patient can be dangerous or even deadly.

As a patient, you can expect to receive quality medical care when you go to a health care professional for treatment. Unfortunately, you may not receive it, leading to serious problems. If you have been injured by a physician’s mistake, you might consult with a medical malpractice attorney about the potential to seek compensation for your losses.

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