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Trip to football match ends in auto accident and serious injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

Driving a vehicle always puts the driver and his or her passengers at risk, even if the driver is careful and alert. Nobody knows when he or she will cross the path of a negligent driver in another vehicle. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, this happened to a 16-year-old driver while he traveled to participate in a football match at his high school. A serious auto accident sent him to a hospital, where he had to undergo surgery.

In an accident report, THP indicated that the young driver was heading south on a highway when a northbound vehicle crossed directly into his path. The other driver allegedly went across the center turning lane and into the lane of southbound traffic. The collision that followed was head-on.

Reportedly, an unknown number of occupants of both vehicles were transported to a hospital for treatment. The young football player suffered multiple fractured bones, including his left toes, right heel and one leg’s fibula and tibia. The leg fracture was severe, with both bones protruding through the calf. According to his father, the surgery lasted for three hours. Although he suffered excruciating pain, he could stand up and walk after he recovered from the surgery.

In a case such as this one, the driver who crossed into the southbound lanes might face several personal injury claims. All the injured parties in this auto accident might have grounds to pursue financial relief. An experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances and assist the victims with establishing negligence, documenting damages and presenting their claims in a civil court. If successful, monetary judgments will cover financial and other damages.

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