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When pedestrians are struck on the highway

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

You may have been injured as a pedestrian on an interstate highway in Tennessee. Generally, pedestrians are not allowed on highways, but there are many good reasons why pedestrians would be there in the first place.

The result of a crash or a vehicle breakdown

A person may be working on a vehicle that has broken down or pushing it out of the roadway, in which case drivers need to move out of that lane as soon as possible; otherwise, they may cause a crash through their own fault. Some drivers hit these pedestrians out of inattention or because they were drowsy or drunk.

A collision may have occurred, so the parties involved may be standing around exchanging information, inspecting the damage, taking pictures and so on. Other times, the crash victims themselves may be on the highway because they were thrown from their vehicles.

Negligent pedestrians on the highway

Many times, pedestrians struck on the highway are doing something against the law, such as crossing it. Walking on the highway may also indicate suicidal behavior. Approximately 10% of all pedestrian crashes occur on highways, and of these, more than 90% occur after dark. In such cases, drivers cannot really see the pedestrian until it’s too late.

An assessment of your personal injury case

Auto accidents can lead to serious injuries for any pedestrians involved. Perhaps you’re dealing with catastrophic injuries that have diminished your capacity to work. By filing a personal injury claim, you may be compensated for your losses, including your past and future medical bills and lost income, but you may want a lawyer by your side. It all begins with a case assessment where the lawyer tries to determine how much you might be eligible for. You could leave negotiations to the lawyer, too.

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