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Tips for driving safely with children

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

AAA says that drivers spend more than half their time engaged in other actions than driving. Distracted driving is a problem here in Tennessee and throughout the country, and when your children are in the car, the number of concerns to juggle can become overwhelming. Below are a few tips for driving safely with children.

Keeping the children occupied

Playing music in the car or having the children watch a movie can keep them entertained, however long the trip itself is, though drivers need to ensure that the volume is not too high. Then, there are activity bags that one could buy that come with books, board games, puzzles and candies. The only thing parents need to do is determine what activities are age-appropriate and best for holding children’s attention.

Frequent breaks also important

On long trips, parents should take continual breaks and have their children run around and be active to burn off energy. One good thing that can arise from this is that the children become tired and sleep.

If possible, having another adult in the vehicle to calm the children down and see to their needs would be ideal. This is essential when driving with a baby. The baby should be given a bottle and toys to play with, but if he or she starts crying, drivers may need to pull over.

Filing a claim after an accident

Perhaps you were injured by someone who was distracted by children in the car. Unfortunately for them, children do not provide an excuse for distracted driving. Like many victims of auto accidents, you may be able to seek compensation under personal injury law, but you may want an attorney to explain the laws to you and see how your case holds up under them. The attorney may also assist with negotiations.

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