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AI firm holds survey on distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

If you were injured because of a distracted driver in Memphis, Tennessee, you’re definitely not alone. If you were riding a motorcycle when the accident occurred, then chances are that your injuries are severe and have left you dealing with loads of medical bills and other losses. You may be eligible for compensation, though.

Distracted driving all too common

First of all, most drivers become distracted behind the wheel even though they may think they are being safe. An online survey from the artificial intelligence firm Netradyne clearly illustrates this. Of the 1,248 participants, all of whom had a standard driving license and drove at least once a week, 91% considered themselves safe drivers. Less than half thought that they could improve their driving.

Yet the survey showed how many of the drivers would, for example, drink liquids behind the wheel: a distracting activity. In fact, it was found to be the most widespread. As for the most dangerous activity that respondents would engage in, it was using social media.

The consequences of distracted driving

Twenty percent of the respondents admitted that they have been fined or have received points on their license because of distracted driving. One in seven even said they were in an accident due to distracted driving and either suffered injuries in it or totaled their vehicle.

How to prevent distracted driving

Most distracted driving crashes can be prevented if people simply practiced defensive driving and put away all potential distractions. Crash avoidance technology like collision warning, blind-spot alert and automatic emergency braking could benefit as well. AI may eventually make driving much safer; 29% of respondents admitted that they are interested in what the future holds for this.

What accident victims can do

The concept of negligence plays a part in most motor vehicle accidents. This state follows a modified comparative negligence that says plaintiffs in can recover damages if they are less than 50% at fault. To see how your case would fare, you may want to consult an attorney.

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