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Alleged DUI driver causes construction site injuries to 4 workers

by | Nov 24, 2019 | Construction Site Accident Injuries |

Tennessee road construction crews often put their lives on the line to keep drivers safe. Unfortunately, many drivers have little or no concern for the workers. This was underscored by a recent incident in which an alleged drunk driver caused serious construction site injuries to four highway workers near the Memphis exit from northbound Interstate 65.

The police were called to the scene on a recent Sunday evening. They discovered that a driver who had lost control of his car smashed into a light tower. The impact caused the light tower to fall on the workers. Authorities say two workers suffered injuries to their legs, one had a collapsed lung, and the fourth worker’s spine was fractured.

While the four workers were rushed to the hospital, police subjected the driver to a breath test and also found several open alcohol containers in the car. A subsequent blood test indicated a BAC level that exceeded the legal limit. The driver was arrested for drunk driving.

While victims of construction site injuries in Tennessee are typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, those whose injuries were caused by a third party might have grounds to file civil lawsuits as well as workers’ comp claims. An experienced attorney can advocate for them in dealings with the workers’ compensation providers, and also pursue additional damage recovery by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court. If such a claim is successful, injured workers could receive compensation for financial and emotional losses that are not typically covered by workers’ comp.

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