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Scaffolds responsible for many construction site injuries

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Construction Site Accident Injuries |

It is not unusual for construction projects in Tennessee to have strict deadlines. Unfortunately, deadlines often put pressure on workers to take shortcuts and rush to get jobs done faster. That could lead to preventable construction site injuries. Scaffolds are structures that are often hastily erected without the necessary compliance with the safety standards prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Falls are the most significant scaffold related hazards, and prevention starts with proper safety training. Before getting on a scaffold, it is crucial to inspect the structure and identify safety hazards, which must then be addressed before allowing workers on the structure. The safety checks should be repeated throughout the project because weather conditions and ground movement can compromise the stability of the scaffold.

Keeping the scaffold planks organized and free of tools can prevent trip-and-fall accidents. Workers should not work on wet or slippery surfaces caused by weather or oil and grease spills. Furthermore, the scaffold must not carry more weight than it was designed for. Each worker on a scaffold structure must be equipped with a fall arrest harness and a secure place to anchor the lanyard.

Other safety requirements involve the hazards posed by overhead power lines. Even with the best precautions, accidents that cause construction site injuries continue to occur. Tennessee victims of such accidents are typically eligible for insurance benefits, and an experienced workers’ compensation benefits can assist with the benefits claims process. Compensation usually includes medical expenses and lost wages, and workers who suffer permanent disabilities might receive additional benefits.

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