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4 apps for new moms to identify signs of birth injuries

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Pregnancy, birth of children and motherhood are all extraordinary milestones in your life. But the transformations do not stop there. Your baby will experience a variety of turning points, from giggling for the first time to learning how to speak. It is helpful to ensure your baby is growing and developing in a healthy manner.

If your child misses developmental milestones or appears to have health issues, it may be an indication of birth injuries or complications. Thankfully, as a mom, you have many tools at your disposal to keep track of everything. Apart from seeing your doctor regularly to receive medical advice, you can read up on some helpful information with these innovative mobile apps

1. FirstYear

You can keep track of new developments in real-time with this app. There is even a camera feature so you can capture these precious moments as they occur. If you notice anything strange, you can easily input notes and questions for your next doctor visit. 

2. WebMD Baby

WebMD is a handy resource for practically any health question. Why not download the baby-specific app to your phone or tablet? WebMD Baby gives you access to hundreds of informational articles and videos from doctors. Other features include schedules for feeding, growth and sleeping and an option to create a baby book full of memorable pictures and videos.

3. BabyCenter

This is a useful app before and after giving birth. You can learn about a variety of topics, including weekly checklists, nutrition ideas and tips for taking care of yourself and your baby. The app has plenty of other features, including a daily baby calendar, activity suggestions and a baby growth tracker.

4. Baby Connect

You can keep a close watch on everything related to your baby with this app:

  • Nursing and pumping
  • Bottle-feeding
  • Solid foods
  • Sleep
  • Diapers
  • Medicine
  • Moods
  • Doctor visits
  • Milestones

You can easily track trends with visual charts and reports. 

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