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Both mothers and babies can suffer birth injuries

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Medical Negligence |

It is only natural for pregnant mothers to experience anxiety as the time approaches to give birth. The fact that thousands of preventable birth injuries are reported in Tennessee and other states each year does nothing to ease a would-be mother’s mind. They might not even consider the fact that, in many cases, the lack of proper care during childbirth cause life-altering or even fatal injuries to mothers.

Some suggest that women’s safety is put on the line by the complacency of medical staff in hospitals. Shortcuts and skipping of standards of practice, such as tracking blood loss and monitoring high blood pressure, often lead to strokes and other life-threatening conditions. During or after childbirth, mothers can suffer blood clots, organ failure and infections if negligent care is provided.

While these conditions can put the lives of mothers at risk, at the same time, it could deny babies essential nutrients and necessary oxygen. Negligent treatment that compromises the health of the mothers could lead to babies being born with birth injuries like Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy. Authorities say physicians and nurses should watch out for red flags that warn of distress or birth injuries, and the proper handling of pre-existing conditions can prevent many birth injuries to mothers and newborns.

Tennessee mothers with questions about birth injuries and their legal rights after they or their babies suffered the consequences of negligent care have recourses available. They can find answers by consulting with an attorney who has experience in dealing with medical malpractice claims that involve birth injuries. A lawyer can assess the facts to determine the viability of a civil lawsuit to recover financial and emotional damages.

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