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2 wrongful death claims possible after single-vehicle crash

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death |

Road safety authorities in Tennessee recently urged drivers to buckle up, focus and avoid distractions. They reported that more than 1,000 people lost their lives in road accidents across the state so far this year, through Dec. 17. Reportedly, December is the month that has the most fatal crashes each year. Many fatal accidents also lead to wrongful death lawsuits filed in the state’s civil justice system.

The call for drivers to make a concerted effort to drive safer came after a single-vehicle crash on a recent Sunday afternoon. According to a report by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the driver of a sedan failed to maintain control, allowing the vehicle to leave the roadway and roll down an embankment in a wooded area. One passenger was ejected and suffered fatal injuries.

Reportedly, the driver and two more passengers were trapped in the wreck, and rescuers had to use specialized equipment to extricate them. One of them died at the crash scene. Authorities report that helicopters arrived to rush the driver and a third passenger to medical facilities. One was airlifted to a facility in Nashville, and an ambulance transported the other injured victim to a Columbia hospital. The conditions of both were reported to be critical.

Whenever lives are lost in Tennessee accidents that appear to have been caused by negligent drivers, the surviving family members are entitled to pursue financial relief through the state’s judicial system. The same applies to injured crash victims. An experienced wrongful death and personal injury attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings to seek recovery of economic and noneconomic damages.

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