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Driving hazards during the holidays

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Uncategorized |

The winter months are full of holidays and celebrations. While these festivities are usually cause for joy, they can also be cause for pain when car accidents occur. More people tend to be on the road, many from out of town to visit friends and family.

You can help prevent getting in a motor vehicle crash by knowing some of the common driving hazards in Tennessee this time of year. Keep the season bright by preparing for these dangers.

Road rage

The holidays may be about goodwill, but not everyone is good at showing it. The stresses of the season can cause drivers to get angrier than usual. If you cross paths with a rageful driver, keep your distance and do not retaliate, even if the other person is at fault. In the event the situation escalates, such as the person following you, go to a police station or another safe place.

Parking lots

You may associate accidents with vehicles moving on the road, but many happen in parking lots, especially when they are full of holiday shoppers. The layout makes for several blind spots, and many pedestrians are walking around. Drivers sometimes do not take turns pulling out, or they may fight over a spot. You can decrease the chances of an accident by parking a little ways from other cars and watching out for drivers backing up while you are walking.

Holiday travelers

People will travel to their loved ones throughout these months. Some will be college students coming home during winter break. According to USA Today, these millennial drivers present the most danger to highway motorists due to risky behaviors and an attitude that their actions are acceptable.

However, any driver can be a hazard as a result of distraction, such as using navigation to find a destination, or intoxication from holiday drinking. Avoid driving at night if you can, as this is when most accidents happen.

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