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Absent anesthesiologist faces medical malpractice lawsuit

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Medical Negligence |

Most mothers-to-be in Tennessee are likely to have mixed feelings about giving birth. There is the anticipation of the joy the baby will bring, but then also the fear that something might go wrong during the birthing process. This fear was justified for a woman in another state who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after she says she underwent a surgical procedure without anesthesia.

The surgeon, the hospital and the anesthesiologist are now facing a lawsuit that was filed by a 26-year-old woman and her fiance. Court documents indicate that the woman’s pregnancy became problematic during November last year when it went beyond 41 weeks. Staff at the hospital was unable to detect the heart rate of the fetus and decided to perform a cesarean section.

The complaint alleges that the anesthesiologist failed to respond to a paged message, and the surgeon decided to perform emergency surgery without anesthetizing the patient. Although she gave birth to a healthy baby, the mother claims the excessive pain caused her to lose consciousness. The couple accuses the defendants of assault and battery along with medical malpractice.

Anyone in Tennessee who has been left with questions after substandard or unacceptable medical treatment can get answers from an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer can explain the individual’s legal rights and assess the circumstances and allegations to determine the viability of a lawsuit. As claims are governed must be brought within a specified period of time, it makes sense to seek assistance at the first opportunity. If there are grounds to sue, the attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.

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